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Lunar Herbal

Effective plant-based drink mixes for your healthy lifestyle.

At Lunar Herbals, we aim to take the guesswork out of wellness. We infuse several of the most effective botanical traditions, from Chinese Medicine and Ayurveda to Traditional Folk Methods and Modern Clinical Herbalism to create the most effective products.

Each herbal formulation we release is handcrafted in small batches in our private apothecary to ensure a high vibrational product with the utmost attention to detail.
We use organic and local ingredients whenever possible. Currently, approximately 25% of our individual ingredients are sourced from local farms and distributors.

We are proud that when our product reaches you, it has been handled with love and expertise by an herbalist rather than a large manufacturing facility. All of our products are 100% vegan and plant based. We also use zero fillers. It’s one of the ways we aim to provide the most effective natural products on the market.

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I am happily waiting on my second order of all three products! I add the energy blend to my decaf coffee every morning and it adds such a rich flavor and gives me sustained energy (versus a caffeine crash). I add the love to my favorite juice mid day and sleep to my tea at night! I feel so much better throughout the day and look forward to my gorgeous concoctions!” – Paris, Online Review

It is nice to support yourself with great products and feed the kids in India carry on with the venture.” – John, Online Review

I add this every single morning to my hot coffee and a little oat milk and it tastes so good. I don’t use any sweeteners and it tastes like a dark chocolate mocha. When I add this to my coffee, I feel clearer for the rest of the day and I love it’s immune boosting benefits.” – Brooklyn, Online Review

Salt Lake City, Utah

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Lisa Mecham

Hey! Nice to “meet” you! My name is Lisa, the founder and CEO of Lunar Herbals. I am the herbalist behind the brand, active member of the American Botanical Council, and mom of 4.

After spending years perfecting herbal formulations and seeing the incredible results and feedback from family and friends, I knew it was crucial that I share this knowledge with the world. In my home and personal life, I have used natural remedies to ease anxiety, calm my own heart disease, and help my 4 kids sleep better. Now I love creating impactful (yet safe) products for everyone.

My intention is to make it easier than ever to create healthier daily rituals while simultaneously seeing how much good we could do as a company in the process.