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Mood Boost Beverages

Kowa (ko-wah) is derived from the Japanese word Chōwa, which means the search for balance and harmony.

Kowa’s Mood Boost beverage line falls into the rapidly growing market segment of Functional Wellness (or nootropic supplements). And just as the brand’s name implies, Mood Boost was created to help you achieve balance. Each of the 4 functional supplements in Kowa were specifically chosen to help you achieve a balanced and boosted state of mind.

Functional Supplements in Kowa:

5-HTP: Promotes serotonin (the happy hormone) to lift your mood.
Ashwagandha: Reduces cortisol (the stress hormone) to help you relax.
Rhodiola Rosea: Promotes mental endurance to help you achieve
GABA: Soothes your nerves to help you relax.

Perhaps more impressive than Kowa’s all-natural supplement stack is knowing what isn’t found in the can. Mood Boost contains zero sugar, and zero caffeine. This is very different from most other brands in this space that choose to make up for disappointing taste with sugar or artificial sweeteners, while simultaneously compensating for inadequate doses of their advertised supplements with high doses of caffeine.

Consumers of Mood Boost appreciate knowing that the advertised supplements on the label are included at truly meaningful doses. Instead of a nutrition facts panel (which doesn’t require companies to list exact dosage amounts and allows companies to skip authenticity testing), Mood Boost has a supplement facts panel (which creates greater transparency for consumers by requiring brands to list exact supplement doses and to confirm advertised doses via testing).

Mood Boost works by increasing serotonin (the happy hormone), and decreasing cortisol (the stress hormone). And because it’s a natural product, you can drink Mood Boost any time of day: like whenever you need a boost without the jitters or a focus without the crash, or even when your emotional and mental health are feeling out of sorts and you just want a reset.

Mood Boost is making a splash in the functional wellness industry because it tastes amazing and actually works. You can find it in the local retailers listed on this page as well as Amazon and livekowa.com. Kowa is always looking for new marketing opportunities and for retailers that would like to carry Mood Boost in their stores. Kowa offers direct deliveries in Salt Lake and Utah counties, direct shipping around the nation, and can also be found in UNFI distribution. Interested parties are encouraged to reach out to the brand via info@livekowa.com.

Shop Online

Can Be Found Here:

  • Live Kowa – Online Store
  • Redmond Heritage Farm Stores
  • Shirlyn’s Natural Foods
  • Day’s Market – Orem
  • Guru’s Café – Provo
  • Christopher’s Herb Shop – Springville
  • Aubergine Kitchen – Salt Lake
  • Bowman’s Market – Kaysville
  • The Market – Park City
  • Fair Weather Natural Foods – Park City
  • Peterson’s Fresh Market – Riverton
  • Dixie Nutrition – St. George
  • Beespoke – American Fork
  • Nourish – Duchesne
  • Payson Market – Payson

Draper, Utah

  • 1192 E Draper Parkway #316
  • Draper, Utah 84020
  • 360-951-4449

Ben and Amanda Ostler

Amanda and Ben, the husband and wife duo behind Kowa are on a mission to help people achieve balance – mentally, emotionally, and physically.

They were disappointed that the majority of supplement and nootropic beverages on the market addressed problems like: lack of energy, inability to focus, difficulty regulating mood, etc with caffeine as the primary ingredient rather than the supplements advertised on the labels. To them, high doses of caffeine – regardless of effectiveness – seemed like a cheap shortcut rather than a true solution. They believed that improving mental, emotional, and physical performance was more about balancing the body than simply giving it a boost of caffeine.

Mood Boost, their functional nootropic beverage, was created with two aims in mind: 1) Deliver energy without the downsides of caffeine, and 2) Support overall brain health and function via meaningful doses of natural supplements.