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JUtah Bagels

Handmade Bagels from the Heart of Utah County: Break Bread, Make Friends

At JUtah Bagels, we make bagels that are airy, with a perfectly chewy texture. You have never tasted a better bagel.

Enjoy our SAVORY varieties including: plainly delicious, Peace Everything (toasted garlic and onion), L’Chaim (chia and garlic) and Samson (flaxseed, tomato, onion and thyme); or indulge in our SWEET bagel options: Thanks’Utah (pumpkin spice and cardamom), Sweet America (apple pie) and Best Friends (blueberry and brown sugar).

We always use highest quality local ingredients to make the best bagels you have ever tasted. Vegan options available as well.

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You’ve set a standard no one has been able to achieve” -Jessica T., Consumer Review

These bagels make me so happy.” Shelby M. – Consumer Review

Orem, Utah

  • Orem, Utah 84097
  • 801-810-6362

Howard Parr
Rounder & CEO

In a small village in the Burgundy region of France, I had a baguette that had a lingering, savory finish like a fine wine.  One bite and time stood still.  After moving to Utah, I set out to make an equivalent in a bagel, one worthy of a Michelin star.

In Utah, we never expected to find such a rich, artisanal food culture.  Or a community that would welcome us like family.  Such is the feeling present in every JUtah bagel.  We’re here to “Break Bread and Make Friends”