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Heritage Family Gardens

Vegetable and Fruit Grower

At Heritage Family Gardens, we think growing vegetables naturally makes sense. If fruits and vegetables are grown naturally, without chemicals, and allowed to fully ripen on the plant, they will taste better and be more nutritious. We grow naturally (no pesticides, no herbicides, no -cides of any kind). We are not certified organic by the USDA, but our growing practices exceed organic standards.

Delicious and nutritious fruits and vegetables come from healthy soils. Over the years, we’ve proven our commitment to “growing” the healthiest soils to produce the tastiest produce. Taste our produce today for peak flavor and nutrients.

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I really can not express how much I have loved my baskets! I was able to get them all the way through November! Such a treat. Vegetables are the most nutritious when they are fresh. To have the opportunity to get local, fresh out of the ground produce is the most nutritious way to eat. Not only is it fresh but it has never been sprayed with any pesticides. Organic and local, doesn’t get better than that. Staci and Mason are an absolute joy to talk to and their costumer service is on point. I am so thankful that they offer this service to our community! Really excited for next year!

Ricci Sorensen,

Facebook Review

Heritage Family Gardens is so much more than a place to get yummy and nutritious food, it is a place to find community, integrity and inspiration. My husband and I love our weekly ritual of driving to the farm to say hi to Stacey, Mason and the kids, meet the fresh ingredients that will pop up in our meals for the next week, and read the recipes and quotes in the newsletter that remind us how to take control of how we fuel our bodies and mind alike.

Sonya Popelka,

Facebook Review

Our family had a great visit to Heritage Family Gardens. It was so fun for the kids to play and for the adults to explore the varieties of vegetables. The endless varieties of tomatoes was especially fun.

Justin Jepsen,

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Jensen, UT

  • 7526 E 7200 S
  • Jensen, UT 84035
  • 435-219-8670

Taggart Family

Our little slice of heaven is our 20-acre farm in Jensen, Utah where we raise our three beautiful children, an assortment of farm animals, and a wide variety of chemical-free fruits and vegetables. For years, our family struggled with various health problems, and when conventional methods did not have the answers, we turned to a real food diet using traditional cooking methods. Finally we found the relief we had been seeking.

This experience taught us the power and value of good food and proper nutrition. Combining all we have learned about whole body health, a love of gardening, and a family heritage of agriculture, Heritage Family Gardens was born. We know from experience that when you eat well, you feel good. And when you feel good, you can do amazing things.