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Heath’s Blends


With all of the great brands and flavors of seasoning blends out there, we at Heath’s Blends felt there was still something missing. Thus, we created our own line of select blends—each designed to fill that gap. We add a unique depth of flavor to all foods, unlike anything you have experienced. We want your food to burst with flavor, every time, and with every dish. We hope you enjoy our blends as much as we do, and it is our desire to help you expand your taste buds. Enjoy some Southwest Sizzler, Havana Heaven, Lone Star Steak, Moroccan Blend, and more. You’ll also find great grilling gift baskets and seasoning sets.

We understand how important it is to use only the freshest and cleanest herbs and spices. We continually search for only the best ingredients to add to our wonderful blends, constantly sampling and testing for cleanliness and purity of color, taste, and aroma. All of which can make a large difference on the taste and the consistency of our blends. This allows us to be an artisan company, and to give you the finest gourmet line possible.

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Spanish Fork, UT

  • 1533 Calpac Avenue
  • Spanish Fork, UT 84660
  • 801-471-6793

Mark Heath

For years now, I had been blending my own spices and herb gourmet seasonings, making huge batches, and disbursing them throughout my vast family. Each year, I crafted it slightly different, always in pursuit of the perfect blend.

You see, I was so tired and frustrated with the existing seasonings available in the market, having never been satisfied. I had always desired to create a blend that would go with most anything. I eventually came up with a gourmet blend that had the depth of flavor I was looking for. Finally, in 2014, I made a huge batch and frankly, it was GOOOOOD. Wow. Within a day, my entire family sat me down and convinced me it was time to quit being shy with this, and share with the world.