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Grandeur View Bitters

Superior High Concentration Bitters

Grandeur View Bitters are made in and distributed from Millcreek, Utah. The company is named after Mount Grandeur (Grandeur Peak) in the Wasatch mountain range.

Grandeur View Bitters have no added water. They are full potency, as bitters should be.  Each bitter flavor is created by infusing various herbs and fruits in a 190-proof alcohol solvent, typically for 30 days. This draws out as much flavor as possible. They are then double filtered and aged in clay pots. This gives them superior flavor and drinking quality because specific chemical reactions occur as they steep.

A minimum of 5% of all profits go to charity.

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I sampled (almost) the whole Grandeur View Bitters line-up. All are great, with my favorite being Gooseberry Armageddon. These bitters are loaded with flavor without becoming a liability when pouring my drink. Some other bottled bitters are so densely reduced that a drop or two overboard can ruin your beverage. Grandeur View products are more forgiving—you can taste and adjust as you go, or mix-n-match. They’re a nice addition to my cabinet.” – Jeremy, Esty Review

Millcreek, Utah

  • Millcreek, Utah 84109
  • 801-215-9472

Anne Arendt

I am a faculty member of Utah Valley University in Technology Management, where I have been employed for almost 20 years now. Increasingly, we are teaching students about best business practices in both technology and engineering.  Therefore, it seemed only logical that I gain my own personal experience with a business of my own.  I chose bitters because they have very little risk of food borne illness, have unlimited shelf life, and are simply delicious in either alcoholic or non-alcoholic drinks.  Bitters make things better.