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Granarlo Granola

Handcrafted Granola

Our family bakes small batch, clean and crunchy granola made from organic ingredients and no refined sugars. We offer delicious flavors such as Coconut Almond, Pepita Pecan, and Cacao Cashew. All flavors come in 8 oz and 14 oz resealable bags.

In our home we believe that healthy AND delicious can exist in the same space. Our granola is wonderful for breakfast, school lunch, trail snacks, sprinkled on a salad, or as a coveted gift!

Can Be Found Here:

  • The Store – Gateway (SLC) and Holladay
  • Liberty Heights Fresh (SLC)
  • Harvest Park City (Park City)
  • Heber Valley Cheese (Midway)
  • Fernweh Lifestyles (Midway)
  • Northland Professional (Heber City)
  • Beljar Home (Heber City)
  • Midway Farmers Market (Midway)

Midway, Utah

  • Midway, Utah 84049
  • 435-760-9396

The Child Family

Our business started on the North Shore of Oahu when our son, Arlo (then 10 yrs old), wanted to earn money to get to basketball camp on the mainland. We whipped up a recipe and then cut him loose in the kitchen. He had so much success selling granola that he sold it again when we moved to Utah the next year, and again the year after that. Repeat customers would jokingly ask if they could get any more of that famous “Gran-Arlo”. The granola was such a hit that Arlo and Mom decided to work together and learn how to start a business. The business plan was built on curiosity, the promotion of clean eating, the belief in a great product, and the desire to spend more time together as a family. We also hoped it would do well enough to raise funds to help other kids get involved in healthy activities!

Once up and running, the whole family joined in on the baking, bagging, branding, markets/events, deliveries, etc. Even the 9 yr old has a job preparing the bags! We have learned and continue to learn so much about business and the food industry as well as a whole lot about baking, multitasking, cooperation, and showing the kids that you DO need math skills in the real world! We have also learned how incredibly supportive local businesses and customers are! We feel so much gratitude and can’t wait to see what the future holds for our little granola company.