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Gracie’s Farm

Diverse Vegetable & Flower Farm

Nestled in a valley in Wanship, UT at almost 6000’ in elevation is Gracie’s Farm. Our female team of FarmHers strive to produce organic, sustainable, produce that is not only good for us, but the land around us. Growing on around an acre, we utilize our hoop house, green house, caterpillar tunnels, row cover, and cover crop to compensate for a short growing season and get the most out of every harvest.

Here at Gracie’s we specialize in a diverse array of vegetables : tomatoes, eggplant, pepper, salad greens, lettuce, kale, collards, turnips, radishes, carrots, potatoes, zucchini, summer squash, potatoes, garlic, herbs, and more. We also grow flowers for cutting & pollination.

We also offer numerous farm experiences throughout the summer and winter seasons. Every month we host a farm dinner that highlights what is fresh on the farm. We host workshops such as floral arrangements, pickling, and beekeeping as well as winter experiences such as medicinal tea making, salve & balm making, and eco-printing with forageables.

Can Be Found Here:

  • Yuta Restaurant – Blue Sky Lodge
  • Farm Culinary Experiences
  • Friday Farm Stand

Wanship, Utah

  • 95 W 2100 S
  • Wanship, Utah 84017
  • 866-296-8998

Lynsey Gammon
Farm Director

At Gracie’s Farm, farming is more than a job; it’s a sacred philosophy. Our female-led team of FarmHers cultivate deep, profound connections with the land, animals and people that call the property home. Sustainability and reverence for the land are at the forefront of the Gracie’s Farm ethos. The plot of land on which Gracie’s Farm now thrives consisted mostly of hard-packed dirt with no existing infrastructure in 2018. After intense work to create rows for planted crops with rich, nutrient-dense soil, building raised planter beds and hoop houses, and constructing a geothermally-heated greenhouse to extend our short growing season while maintaining a minimal carbon footprint, Gracie’s Farm began to take shape. Gracie’s Farm employs a “no-till” method, eschewing convenient, modern farming machinery for working the land by hand and with the aid of selective animal rotation. A “broadfork” is one of the most well-used hand-tools at Gracie’s, literally resembling a massive fork which is driven into the soil and which our FarmHers stand on, using their body weight to rock the broadfork back and forth to aerate the soil. Various animals will be rotated into the farm throughout the year to assist our FarmHers; they help to naturally till the land by grazing, and their manure fertilizes the soil to maintain rich nutrients and stable pH levels so that our plants thrive in our high-alpine climate. Today, we harvest hundreds of pounds of produce every week during the summer from the same ground that just a few years ago was not suitable for growing. Our namesake, Gracie, is in collaboration with the Saving Gracie Equine Healing Foundation, of which the founder, Barb Phillips, also owns the farm.