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Goldberry Farm

Fresh Farm Fruit & Vegetables

Goldberry Farm is a small, five-farm acre nestled in Springville. They grow different types of fruit and vegetables that extend from late July to mid-October. Enjoy our farm fresh nectarines, peaches, apples, tomatoes, squash and much more. We love sharing our heirloom varieties with our farmers market customers.

Apple Varieties Include: honeycrisp, empire, fuji, Jonagold, blushing golden, ginger gold, luster elstar, sweet sixteen, gala, state fair, crispen, gravestine, hawkeye,

Peach Varieties Include: summer lady, maddison, flamin fury, goldilocks, elegant Lady, red haven and angelus

Nectarine Varieties Include: red gold and fantasia

Can Be Found Here:

  • Mapleton Farmers Market
  • Springville Farmers Market

Springville, Utah

  • Springville, Utah 84663
  • 385-236-1995
  • Message: goldberry423@gmail.com

Richard & Susan

Richard and Susan were drawn to the farm lifestyle in 1979 to try to engage in a more self-sufficient lifestyle. They have started various orchards, managed their own garden and even raised some cows and goats.

In 1993, Richard and Susan started Goldberry Farm, when they relocated to the Mapleton/Springville Area. The five-acre farm serves as an open-space oasis in an area that has been highly developed. The farm continues to teach self-reliance to their children and grandchildren, while also providing quality produce to farmers market attendees.