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Gilmer Farms


Gilmer Farms is a boutique jam and pickle company located in Salt Lake City.  We specialize in connecting people to each other through pure simple food, for relaxation and rejuvenation.

While we make delicious, jams and pickles with unique flavor combinations, using locally sourced ingredients, we also provide serving suggestions and recipes that allow people to connect over the ritual of having a meal.  The world is moving too fast, and people are missing the opportunity to spend time with each other because it feels overwhelming to put together a delectable meal with everything else that is happening each day. At Gilmer Farms, we provide exceptional products, and ways to serve them, that takes the guess work out of building a moment of connectedness.

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Salt Lake City, Utah

  • 1136 E Gilmer Drive
  • Salt Lake City, Utah 84105
  • 773-551-8914

Brittan Browning

Gilmer Farms was founded in 2017 created out of the desire to build a more connected and sustainable community of people.  50% of Americans feel overworked and overwhelmed by their lives.  The typical American work week has stretched to 47 hours on average, and 50% of American’s work more than 8 hours a day.  The advent of smart phones and devices has stretched society’s capacity to unplug, refresh and recharge.  

At Gilmer Farms we believe we can put down our phones, step away from our computers, and share the good things in life with people we cherish.  From simple crostini of goat cheese, Melon Jam, and prosciutto, to seared duck breast with a pan sauce of Plum, Vanilla, and Star Anise Jam, we want people to stop and enjoy the company of their family and friends.