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Forage Creek Ranch

Grass-fed Meat & Eggs

At Forage Creek Ranch, we provide pasture-raised beef, chicken, lamb, and eggs.

Raising our animals on pasture ensures the richest flavored and most nutrient-dense proteins.We respect nature and try to raise our animals attention to their innate traits.

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Can Be Found Here:

  • Skinner Excavating/Farm Store: 1096 W 1500 S Ogden, UT 84404
  • Harmony Homestead Raw Milk: 3792 W 3600 N Corinne, UT 84307


I have no words to express how wonderful Forage Creek is. The products they offer are high quality and most importantly they will assure you that what you are purchasing is organic and without hormones. The owner is very nice and what I love the most is that they allow you to do your shopping from home and online. It’s so convenient, specially in this difficult time that we are going through with the pandemic. Not only for the ease of ordering your products from home and pick them up, but because you are also supporting a local farmer and his business. Thank you so much!!!” – Thalia, Google Review

I believe their meats are the highest quality we can find around here. Their eggs are so fresh and delicious. I stopped buying eggs from anywhere else.” – Miko, Google Review

Best quality meat in Utah! Give it a try!” – Brian, Facebook Review

Tremonton, Utah

  • Tremonton, Utah 84337
  • 435-239-3134

James & Taylor Skinner

Noticing a lack of reliable grass-fed beef options in their local stores, the Skinner Family began raising beef in 2013. Our goal was to provide quality meat for our own family, but that quickly changed. Friends, neighbors, and acquaintances soon tasted the difference of true beef, raised the way cows should be. Customers have always loved being able to come to the ranch at any time and see that we have nothing to hide. “Grass-fed,” “Organic,” and even terms as simple as “Natural” are often times misleading and do not give the whole picture of how the animals were raised. We prefer to have an open-door policy where you can come see exactly how the animals are treated.