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Overnight Oats for Adventurers and On-The-Go

If you’re an outdoor adventurer, an on-the-go mom, or just have busy mornings, you’ve probably felt frustration with the breakfast options out there, right? It can feel like everything has a tradeoff. You can choose a breakfast that is…
delicious OR nutritious
quality OR affordable
satisfying OR convenient
energizing OR easy
filling OR fast

We’ve all been there. That’s why we set out to create the perfect breakfast for people like you. And after painstakingly testing well over 100 recipes, we did it! DeliciOats has all of the benefits above with none of the tradeoffs! It is the perfect breakfast for backpackers, adventurers, or anyone on-the-go! It lets you sleep longer or start earlier, and still get a delicious, nutritious breakfast that will keep you full and energized — all with zero cooking, cleanup, or morning prep!

Overnight oats is a way better way to prepare oats: instead of being boiled into mushy oatmeal, they’re cold-soaked for a few hours, along with additional ingredients mixed in such as fruit, seeds, nuts, and spices. The result is a delicious, substantial, textured, and creamy dish that makes you feel good, rather than the mushy, boring texture of oatmeal.

DeliciOats is a delicious and healthy overnight oats breakfast for your outdoors adventure, or busy at-home or on-the-go morning. Again, it requires just seconds of nighttime prep and zero cooking, morning prep, or cleanup. Just add liquid and shake, and you’re set with a gourmet breakfast the moment you wake up. Or, if you want it hot (or forgot to prep the night before), just add boiling water to the pouch, shake, and wait 10-12 minutes for a hot breakfast.

You’re going to love DeliciOats! Try all five of our flavors and discover how you can have a delicious and nutritious breakfast, without the effort and frustration you thought it required.

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I have a hard time choosing a favorite flavor because they all taste great! I love how convenient they are for a healthy breakfast that leaves me feeling satisfied. I can’t wait to use them on my next backpacking trip.” – Myles, Company Review

I have not had oatmeal in years, since I had my last baby 8 years ago in the hospital. The DeliciOats texture was really good. I loved the chia seeds mixed in. I think I liked them better cold than the traditionally warm oatmeal.” – Linda, Company Review

Tasted great. First time ever my kids didn’t complain about eating oats. They even chose to eat them 3 days in a row. We offered to go out for breakfast the third day and they said no, we’ll have the oats.” – Emalee, Company Review

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Phil and Jihye Barker

In April, 2021 Phil did a 50-mile backpacking trip with some friends through the Maze District of Canyonlands National Park. While preparing his menu for his trip, he wasn’t satisfied with backpacking breakfast options on the market. Everything either took too much time, didn’t taste good, was super expensive, or was loaded with sugar and fake ingredients. So, he made a chocolate granola recipe that he made the mistake of not trying before he left. It was nasty! After the trip we got thinking about our favorite homemade breakfast to eat at home – overnight oats. How perfect they would be on the trail, we thought. Just steep my breakfast overnight! Super easy, absolutely no prep in the morning (when we want to be breaking camp and hitting the trail instead of taking time to boil water and wait for a freeze dried meal to reconstitute), incredibly delicious, amazingly healthy, and inexpensive. It checked every box for what a perfect backpacking breakfast should be. From that point on we were a bit obsessed. After testing 120+ recipes on family and friends over several months of trial and error we launched in June, 2022 with our first five flavors. By August, Phil couldn’t imagine spending any more time at his 9-5 job instead of working on DeliciOats, so after months of Jihye encouraging him to quit his job, he finally did it, and Jihye and Phil have been all-in on helping you “DO Your Day!” with DeliciOats ever since.