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Dean’s Microgreens

Live Microgreens Straight to Your Door

Microgreens are one of the healthiest foods for you, a true superfood! They are also easy to integrate into your normal eating habits and can be a powerhouse snack. So whether you are ready to overhaul your diet and health or are just looking for a way to get more vitamins in your normal routine, microgreens can help you accomplish that.

We deliver the widest assortment of live, organic microgreens right to customers’ doors. Our microgreens are grown in the most sustainable way, using the best hydroponic practices. We only use organic methods and products as well as the best organic plant food available. All of this to ensure that we are providing the highest level of nutrition and taste out there. We also deliver them live so they can live on your counter, where they won’t be forgotten, and are harvested by you when you are ready to use them. That way you get every last nutrient and none are lost as they sit in the fridge going bad.

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Herriman, Utah

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Chelsea Dean

I have always loved plants. Growing up in a desert I felt starved for green so I filled my bedroom with as many house plants as my parents would allow. When I finally had my own house the house plants came too but that was no longer enough for me. I was so excited to have an entire yard to play with and grow in. The more food I grew the more I wanted to know where all my food came from and that led me down the nutrition path as well. Nutrition studies led me to microgreens.

The more I looked into microgreens the more they captivated me. They have so much good about them. They are incredibly healthy, very sustainable to grow (we grow hydroponically), they can be kept in the kitchen alive so they are harvested when they are needed. The list can go on and on. So I jumped in. I couldn’t find anywhere around me that sold to the public so I started growing my own. Then I realized that if I wanted these but couldn’t find them anywhere I was sure others felt the same. I decided to start my own farm and fill the gap I felt was present in the food industry of Salt Lake County.