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Christa’s Chocolates

Handcrafted Rice Crispie Treats

Christa’s Chocolates specializes in handcrafted rice crispie treats filled with the gooey goodness of Christa’s from-scratch family recipes—salted caramels, truffles, and more. Our small-batch process features only the finest ingredients, from Guittard chocolate to love from Grandma’s kitchen. We showcase our Beehive State pride with our one-of-a-kind, Utah-inspired shapes.

Although most of the business has shifted toward gourmet rice crispies, Christa still takes orders for hand-dipped chocolates on occasion. She expanded her repertoire to more than a dozen flavors of truffles and is working to translate these delicious tastes into additional rice crispie varieties.

Christa’s Chocolates are sold in boutiques like HERE Provo and corporate cafes at companies like Younique in Lehi.

Can be found here:

  • A La Mode Studios
  • Younique’s Inspiration Garden Café
  • Slice of Veyo
  • The Hive Collaborative


Excellent chocolate and caramels! I managed to share a few of the chocolate, but the caramels were mine.

La Tisha Wammack,

Facebook Review

Delicious holiday treats! The peanut butter balls are my favorite.

Christina Davis,

Facebook Review

Perfect in every way! She also did a great job of keeping my non nut chocolates from being tainted by nuts.

Aubri St. Clair,

Facebook Review

Murray, UT

  • Murray, UT 84107
  • 949.275.0589
  • Message: christaschocolates@gmail.com

Christa Woodall
Founder, Owner

Christa’s Chocolates began as a way to keep Christa’s family tradition alive. Her grandmother, Doris, was known for her delicious handmade chocolates. As Grandma’s life was drawing to a close, Christa started making each of the goodies she’d grown up loving so dearly with the aim to screw up everything at least a couple times while she could still ask Grandma what went wrong. Sure enough, Grandma Doris called Christa her “little candymaker” in their final conversation the night before she died—and Christa kept making chocolates as a way to keep Grandma close.

Pretty soon Christa’s social media posts of tantalizing chocolates piqued her friends’ curiosity, and they asked Christa to start selling the goodies. A new business was born overnight, with Christa’s Chocolates selling salted caramels, truffles, and peanut butter balls.

Over time the main product evolved from chocolates to gourmet rice crispies stuffed with those classic family recipes: salted caramel, truffles, and more. The crispies, which are shaped like Utah icons, have taken on quite a following and are most likely the best rice crispie treat you will ever taste in your life!