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Chili Beak

Roasted Chili Oil

Chili Beak is a company that sells artisanal food products that 1) aim to make cooking more enjoyable and 2) to bring families and friends together around great food.

 Our signature product is a spicy roasted chili oil that uses high-quality roasted Mexican chiles combined with sunflower oil to give you a distinct smokey flare. The product is great as a topping on pizza, popcorn, eggs, and quesadillas. Or you can use it as a mix in ranch, mayo, and sour cream to dip your veggie sticks or even to marinade meats. The uses are extremely versatile. Try it today and bring your family together with great food.

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Waking up with a plate/tortilla full of eggs slathered with Chili Beak has been my favorite ritual lately! Love these chili oils and the owners are super kind people.

Caroline Hargraves,

Facebook Review

Walking through the store in Park City, we met this charming soul that runs this amazing line of products. The Habanero hot souce is the best I have tried so far and you can use it in a bunch of recipes. I can’t wait to go back and get them all!

Samantha Kildegaard,

Facebook Review

Great product, great people! Glad to see it on some local store shelves!

James Lindsey,

Facebook Review

Salt Lake City, UT

  • 1290 S 1100 E
  • Salt Lake City, UT 84105
  • 903-780-7404

Jason McClure & Giselle McClure

We believe that there is a major change coming to the hot sauce world and we intend to start it with a first-of-its-kind spicy chili oil that will revolutionize the way you think about and eat hot sauce.

 We started our journey years ago in Mexico, when we discovered a flavorful spicy chili oil. We found it to be great on so many different meals and we just fell in love. After moving to Salt Lake City and not being able to find something similar, we started working on our own recipe. After seven months of trial and error, we finally created our first handcrafted batch of Chili Beak.