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Chef Samy

Gourmet Butters

Chef Shamy makes gourmet butters including garlic butter and honey butters from 100 percent grade AA dairy butter and all natural ingredients with no chemical preservatives. We encourage healthy eating by using our butters to add flavor to fresh vegetables and meats.

Chef Shamy Gourmet features the No. 1 real Garlic Butter in the country and distributes three Honey Butters, three Saute Butters, and Onion Butter through roadshows at Sam’s Club and Costco. Our three top sellers: Garlic Butter with Parmesan and Basil, Cinnamon Brown Sugar Honey Butter, and Vanilla Bean Honey Butter are available at Walmart. Pick up a carton today at a store near you and flavor your world.

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All the 4 flavors I bought are absolutely delicious. I love that you can use these on just about anything

Kayleen Mohrmann,

Google Review

Love love all your spreads!

Sharmaine Lomax,

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Salt Lake City, UT

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David Shamy

Chef Shamy Gourmet began in the humble kitchen of founder David Shamy. Every year during the holidays he would make homemade garlic butter and give it out to the neighbors as gifts. They loved it and always wanted more. At around the same time, his daughter asked him to make enough to sell at her high school for a drama fundraiser—he sold out on the first day!

It was then that he decided to produce on a larger scale. David searched out a pre-existing small commercial kitchen. There, he made two items: Brandy Crab Bisque and Parmesan Basil Garlic Butter. A few months into production a fateful error was made: the Brandy Crab Bisque spice packet was not added to the soup ingredients, but instead it was added to 50 pounds of butter! The strange colored butter was noticed immediately and production paused. Promptly, Chef Shamy’s nephew grabbed a spoon and piece of bread and that is the origin of what is now our Southwestern Sauté Butter (with a few recipe tweaks). That one mistake led to what we now know as Chef Shamy Gourmet Butters!