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Chad’s Raspberry Kitchen

Raspberry Jam & Syrup

Bear Lake is famous for raspberries. The cold nights sweeten the berries like apples in the first frost. We are the only company that houses its headquarters in Bear Lake, grow our own berries, and use those berries in our products. From the field to our kitchen is only a few hundred feet.

We produce our jam, jelly, and syrup the “country style” way using three main ingredients including our own Bear Lake raspberries. Over the years, we have added new products while keeping the ingredients simple and hand-processed. Choose from our Warm and Sweet Raspberry Salsa, Raspberry Jalapeño Jam, Raspberry Honey, Cinnamon Cider Jam, Chocolate Truffle Jam, and more on the way. Everything we sell is gluten-free, corn syrup-free, and preservative-free. We offer fresh raspberries in season as well.

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I bought the raspberry syrup at my St George Harmon’s, and it was super good! Perfect on pancakes, reasonably priced, cute bottle, and I got to support the (Utah) home team! Without any weird ingredients, what’s not to love? – Jeannie, Google Review

A friend sent us some Rasberry Salsa and WOW I am ordering more. The salsa has a very mildly spicy and sweet flavor. It is so yummy. It was a great addition to our enchilada meal.” – Sandra, Google Review

I especially love the chocolate truffle raspberry jam, loved it so much I buy it by the case to share with family and friends for those special occasions. Hats off to Patrick and his whole crew!! They do a fantastic job.” – Barbara, Google Review

Laketown, Utah

  • Laketown, Utah 84038
  • (435) 227-5753

Chad's Raspberry Inspiration

Chad’s Raspberry Kitchen is a family farm with a rich legacy embedded as deep as our raspberry plant roots. Launched in 2000, we are named after a young man named Chad. Born with a rare liver disease, Chad required an organ transplant in 1987 and lost his vision the next year from an infection. The company was founded to support Chad until he gained his independence in 2006. At that time, he received his Seeing Eye dog, Huck, who helped him with his independence while his parents and younger brother ran the company located in Bear Lake.

 Since he gained his independence, Chad continually struggled with chronic health issues, undergoing numerous emergency surgeries. On Christmas of 2012 he fell ill once more and succumbed to an infection in his liver in February of 2013. As his family, we are continuing to tell his story and share our raspberry products with everyone. The golden trademark of our company is not just a pretty emblem for show—it is golden because it is in

our hearts.