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Bigtooth Maple Project

100% Pure Maple Syrup from Utah Bigtooth Maples

Found only in the mountains of Utah, the Bigtooth Maple produces distinctive sap for an exceptional syrup known for its delicate caramel flavor and floral notes. A rare golden syrup, it’s handcrafted in small batches once a year by devoted artisans of the Bigtooth Maple Project on the slopes of the Wasatch Mountains in Woodland Hills Utah.

Bigtooth Maple Syrup is a single-ingredient product made only from the sap of Bigtooth Maples, and is 100% pure maple syrup. This handcrafted, sustainably sourced product is harvested from about 1000 Bigtooth Maple trees on 25 individual lots.


Can Be Found Here:

  • Bigtooth Maple Festival – Woodland Hills, UT (Second Saturday in April)

Woodland Hills, Utah

  • 1245 S Eaglenest Dr
  • Woodland Hills, Utah 84653
  • 801-885-1956
  • Message: greg@alpenwild.com

Gregory Witt

In February of 2022, Gregory Witt tapped five Bigtooth maple trees on his residential lot, and produced his first bottle of Bigtooth Maple Syrup. In 2023 he enlisted 25 neighbors in Woodland Hills Utah to tap their trees and contribute the sap to the Bigtooth Maple Project, a local non-profit agricultural cooperative.

In 2023, their first year of production, they produced 350 bottles of syrup which were sold at the first annual Bigtooth Maple Festival. The year’s entire production was sold out in 40 minutes.