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Bennion Beef

Grass Fed Beef

Bennion Beef is a family owned and operated a cattle ranch in the west desert near Vernon, Utah. We specialize in an Angus-Wagyu cross for the best flavored and most tender beef in the state.

Local- Our cattle are born and spend their life on our ranch and pastures near Vernon, Utah.

Natural- Our cattle are certified “natural” meaning we do not use hormones or antibiotics. We take care to handle our cattle humanely and let them roam the range freely.

Delicious- Our Angus cattle have graded prime and choice before we began introducing Angus and Wagyu bulls that are high in marbling and other beef quality characteristics.

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Vernon, UT

  • 1436 E. Greenjacket Road
  • Vernon, UT 84080
  • 435-839-3506

Alan and Elizabeth B. Mitchell

We named Bennion Beef after Elizabeth’s Bennion ancestors who started ranching when they arrived in Utah about 1848. They had one of the first houses west of the Jordan River in Taylorsville, which they named after John Taylor, whose cattle they were herding. Then about 1857 they went further west into the southern end of Rush Valley, south of Vernon where we are today.

In 2001, we took over the 2000-acre ranch and began living off the grid. We have raised five children, alfalfa and oat hay; also sheep, chickens, ducks, turkeys, a hoop house garden, Christmas trees, and firewood.

We have been improving the Angus genetics for beef quality such as tenderness and marbling for two decades. Three years ago we added Wagyu bulls to produce the Wagyu/Angus cross called American Wagyu, renown for its taste and juiciness.  Besides Wagyu, we have Angus beef and grass-fed Angus.