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Member Share: Sales

Top Sales Tips from:
Big T’s Ranch, Beehive Cheese & Casper’s Ice Cream

The most frequent question we receive from membership is: How can I increase my sales? (Or suggestions of where to sell). Whether your company is old or new, its obvious to state sales are the life blood of your company’s success. So, we reached out to a few Utah’s Own artisans and asked them to share their top sales tips, without giving away their trade secrets. 

Tyson Anderson, Owner
Big T’s Ultimate Ranch, Layton, Founded: 2020

“(1) Learn how to sell yourself. In essence, the customer is buying you before they buy the product you are selling.

(2) Research who you are selling to and get to the decision maker. You can talk until you are blue in the face with those who don’t make the decisions, but when you find the individual in charge then you can make it happen. Persistence is key! When trying to get in contact with a corporate decision maker, you might have to call 20 times before you get them. Don’t give up until you get through.

(3) Study personality profiles! Learn the different types of personalities. learn how to identify the type of personality you are communicating with and then cater your sales presentation to that type of personality. There is a system called DISC – personality profiles. It’s an incredible source. I graduated from Weber State in professional sales. I learned a lot of different things that pertain to sales, but the one thing I have always used in my professional life over the last 20 years after graduating is personality profiles. When you speak to people in a way that they understand and gravitate to it changes your success.

(4)  Always under promise and over deliver! When you have a relationship and you can work closely with the customer, you should always be able to work things out so you can under promise and over deliver.

Pat Ford, Co-Founder
Beehive Cheese, Uintah, Founded 2005

“(1) Make a great product, something people will buy again and again.

(2) Tell your interesting story, people really relate to being connected to local businesses.

(3) Do what you say you are going to do, when you said you will do it.  You will get a reputation based on your performance.”

Don Smith, Regional Sales Manager
Casper’s Ice Cream, Richmond, Utah, Founded 1925

“(1) Sell to their needs not your own. Research and anticipate their needs. Then ask questions and show how your product can fill that need.

(2) Know your competitor’s weakness and why your product is better (never do a cutting against competitor’s product if you’re unsure you won’t win-always sample your product first then the competitor’s)

(3) Have confidence in your product and be honest. Relationship building is key. If a buyer likes and trusts you, they’ll be more likely to buy your product or at least listen to what you have to say.”