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Zen Force - Energy Shot, is a “Zen” approach to energy; it provides a smooth source of energy that can last 5 hours or more. If you need mindful concentration and the motivation to get things done, Zen Force is an energy shot that provides physical energy without the "crash" at the end.

After taking Zen Force - do not expect to feel a big "jolt", the product has purposefully been designed in a way, so you don't get the typical negative side effects associated with energy drinks.  Feeling the synthetic caffeine "jolt" or "jitters" is unnecessary, unhealthy, and ineffective. Zen Force utilizes natural ingredients which provide a smoother feeling energy.  To really feel the power of Zen Force, you need to be actively doing something.  Take a drink 1/2 hour prior to exercise, or a physical/mental challenging activity, and you will be amazed with the results!

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