Vintage Cakes by L

We make vintage cakes that will "wow" your guests at your wedding. We use fresh flower embellishments and recipes handed down the family tree. We have a variety of flavors and designs that are sure to impress.

These cakes have been designed to be appealing for the eye as well as the pallet.

Decorated with fresh flowers of the bride’s choosing and baked with the freshest ingredients, these cakes will satisfy any guest.

Our wedding package includes a 3-tier wedding cake with cream cheese frosting. You can request a cake flavor for an additional cost, which include lemon cake, chocolate cake, strawberry cake and red velvet cake. You can also add a raspberry filling or fresh flowers for an additional cost. 

For any other event, we also make simple fresh cakes that will leave your guests wanting more. Our Fresh Apple Cake is a bundt cake that has a flavorful blend of apples and spices. Our Buttermilk Pound Cake is a classic slice of country that is rich and satisfying that will remind you of pleasant summer days. Our Dark Indulgence cake is sure to satisfy any chocoholic with the best quality ingredients from around the world. Our Angel Food Cake is widely loved by all diners because of its sweet taste. Lastly, our Italian Cream Cake is our most popular confection, filled with coconut and pecans coated with a delectable cream cheese frosting crossed laced with pecans. 

We also have come out with a new cake called the Black Forest Cake. This perfected age-old recipe has a delicious balance between chocolate and cherry enjoyed blissfully. 

Give us a call today or send us an email requesting your specialty cake today! 

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