RubySnap Inc.

Most amazing FRESH COOKIES in the Northern Hemisphere.  We dare you to come fall in love.  You'll thank us, and we'll admire you :)  Check out our website and drool  Plus we know how to have fun, come hang at our pad on 770 S. 300 W. in Salt Lake City, UT  84101

We'll spoil you and you won't even know what to do about it. We do it for sport and it's truly fun!  COOKIES! FRESH! AMAZING!  NO YUCKY STUFF BECAUSE THAT'S JUST GROSS.  NO PRESERVATIVES, NO SHORTENINGS. FRESH FRUIT AND VEGGIES IN SEASON.  Plus a groovy, hip, and cool website.  Flavors like:  Coconut Carrot Curry made with fresh steamed carrots, OR Zucchini Macadamia Milk Chocolate with local zucchini, OR fresh Strawberry Peach cookie with honey goat cheese frosting.  Cha!  That's what we're talk'in about!  We make it real!  Real good! 

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