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William (Vilhelm) Poulson and his wife Elsene were among the first settlers in Redmond, Utah.  He prospected the area and found where local bands of the Southern Paiute Indians had extracted salt from exposed deposits on the Eastern bench of Sevier Valley.  William and his sons worked and developed the site, using for themselves and selling salt to other settlers.  Three of William's sons formed a company Poulson Bros. Salt Company.  Several years later the company passed to three of the next generation of the Poulson family.  In the early years of the Twentieth Century salt was freighted by teams and wagons from Redmond to surrounding areas and was either traded for goods or sold for cash.  Large pieces of rock salt were the preferred items for livestock. There was a large sheep industry in the surrounding counties and the salt was crushed to be mixed with grain to satisfy the salt needs of these sheep ranches.  The salt business continued to grow as traders and truckers bought salt to deliver to more distant places.  A rail siding at the site of Red Rock Salt mines provided faster and cheaper means of transporting salt long distances.  The Poulson family was instrumental in starting the road salt deicing programs in Utah.  The color of and elements of Red Rock Salt make it a superior deicing agent with a less harmful impact on the environment.  Red Rock Salt today is owned and operated by the fourth, fifth and sixth generations of the original William Poulson family.

The deposit of salt was created over several hundred million years of time.  As marine embayments covered large portions of land, and subsequently subsided, leaving mineral deposits to solidify into the Red Rock Salt we have today.  The salt has many trace minerals in natural form that we bring to your table directly from the mine.  We select and grind the highest quality crystals.  This salt has not been heated, cooled, dissolved or processed with high volume practices.  The distinctive taste and flavor of Red Rock Salt make it an ideal natural seasoning and preserving salt.

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