Ogden Bay Produce

Vegan Vegeterian All Natural

It all started out in 1909 when Hyrum Peterson purchased 200 acres in Taylor, Utah. He saw an advertisement in a magazine that farmers were starting vegetable transplants in a shoe box and thought to give this new concept a try. The sandy loam soil of Taylor made a beautiful seed bed and he found himself very successful.

Hyrum grew many fruits and vegetables with a main focus on the watermelon and cantaloupe market. Hyrum also had over 100 beehives on his farm and sold watermelons door to door during the Great Depression for a nickel to keep his farm running.

He passed the operation on to his son Melvin M. Peterson, an Agriculture Economist. Melvin took a small leave of absence from the farm while he took an assignment from the Federal Government to live in Persia and teach the natives farming and conservation techniques. Melvin passed the passion to farm on to his son Melvin Lee Peterson, who expanded the operation tremendously and started out-of-state shipments. Melvin also legalized the farm under the name Ogden Bay Produce, after his great love for the area. He, along with his brother-in-laws, and two sons, Nathan and Matthew, run the operation now.

Currently, we grow over 100 acres of produce, and are set up to grow/pack/ship over 2.7 million pounds of produce across Northern Utah and surrounding states in 2013. Now, over 100 years later, we are still farming the land that Hyrum Peterson purchased in 1909.

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