Manzana Springs Vegetable Farm

We have 110 3'x50' beds (approximately one acre) most of which will be planted in a wide variety of vegetables, herbs, flowers and cover crops. Ten of our beds are in a plastic covered hoop houses for season extension. We have recently started cover cropping additional acres to improve the soil for use sometime in the future. We are not certified organic but we do not use any synthetic pesticides or fertilizers. We describe our farm as "beyond organic" because, in addition to being free of synthetic pesticides and herbicides, our food is always - fresh, local and hand-crafted! We practice succession planting and intensive spacing (on some crops) in order to produce as much as possible on the land we have. We use drip irrigation to water our vegetable crops, and we do most of our work by hand with the help of a roto-tiller and tractor.

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