Late Bloomin' Heirlooms

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Late Bloomin' Heirlooms grows heirloom produce for amazing flavor, color and texture. We teach self-reliance in the backyard as well as preserving heirloom seeds for future generations.

Our West Jordan garden has provided the classroom for seed saving events and celebrations. Many of our graduates have more interesting heirlooms in their gardens. Some have even embarked on business ventures in seedlings and CSA's of their own.We have also enjoyed teaching about market gardening and heirlooms at the Diversified Agriculture Conference, Elementary and Culinary Arts schools, as well as church groups.

What is an heirloom?

  1. Something of value handed on from one generation to another
  2. Typically, more than a fifty year-old variety in vegetables (it also applies to humans in our case)

You might say we are late bloomin' heirlooms who grow Late Bloomin' Heirlooms.

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