Jackpine Lavender

All Natural

Jackpine Lavender grows lavender and other herbs to use in products that benefit health and well-being.  Product ingredients are 100% organic and all products are hand-made.  Herbs, essential oils and plant products are used to generate bath and body, face and skin and dog products.  Bath and body products include emollients, body butter, deodorant, healing salves and oils, dry skin and crack relief, bath enhancers and other natural stress relievers.  Face products also utilize the natural health benefits of organic plants and herbs to generate products like face masks, skin rejuvenating sprays and oils, beard oils and lip balms.  Because lavender has calming and healing qualities, a gentle dog spray and repairing balm was also created to help with their well-being and paw and nose care.  A yoga mat spray was also developed to utilized the antiseptic properties of lavender.  All products are made in Utah.