Grandma's Signature Dips

Gluten Free

The crisp clean taste of dill is a hometown favorite. Dill dip is good on just about everything but especially tasteful when used on fresh vegetables and crisp chips as a dip.

The natural sweet and rich taste of onion coupled with the complimentary warm flavor of parmesan makes any dish light up with flavor. Onion Parmesan is good on just about anything.

The tangy and spicy taste of Fiesta dip is perfect for any party. Fiesta dip mix is good on just about everything including meats and poultry, breads and salads. A party favorite.

Our newest mix of garlic and red pepper is a spicy blend guaranteed to satisfy. If you like it HOT this dip is perfect for you. Add a delicious edge to just about anything you want to warm up.

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