Grandma Sandino's (DaMar Emterprises, LLC)

Gluten Free All Natural Non GMO Vegan Vegeterian

We have been making our Sauce for over 30 years and it has been the same recipe for the last six. We call it Vegetarian Garlic Sauce because our veggie children made us take out the cheeses. When we did, it became a universal sauce that can be used on pasta, meat, vegetables, salads, bread and is wonderful on tomatoes and just about everything else. Our Sicilian Sauce goes on everything.

We also have a Garlic Butter Mix for Bread or Sauté. Herbal Dip and Spread for seasoning anything creamy for dips or spreads. Grandma's RUB, for any type of meat but is perfection on Pork. Our newest product, Fish Sprinkle is great on any type of fish including tuna salad.

All Products are hand crafted with the best possible ingredients available. All of our products are potent, so “a little goes a long way.”

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