Firebirds Chile Co.

Gluten Free All Natural Vegan Vegeterian

Simply put, Firebirds Chile Company produces the freshest, most authentic green chile available.  Flame roasted, hand peeled, and no artificial preservatives.

While our competitors claim to have roasted and peeled peppers, the truth is that only Firebirds Chile Co. double roasts every pepper in small 25 lb. batches to ensure that flame roasted flavor fills every bite.  After, every pepper is hand peeled to make sure that our diced peppers are cleaner than the others and that our whole peppers are ready to use, something that not one of our competitors can claim.  Finally, we never freeze any of our products or add artificial preservatives.  Instead, we roast peppers fresh every week so that our products taste like they were roasted in your kitchen instead of ours.  We believe that the only way to deliver truly authentic flavor is to never freeze or water down our products with preservatives.

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