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Non GMO All Natural

With less fat and cholesterol than skinless chicken, our beef makes it possible for you to eat red meat again and still stay healthy! Our beef is exclusively bred from the renowned Piedmontese line from Italy. We have selectively chosen this Italian American breed because of its natural tenderness and rich flavor. Piedmontese cattle are also naturally lean, in fact, one of the leanest in the world. Therefore, Piedmontese beef is easier to cut and more tender than other beefs. In spite of remarkably low fat and marbling content, the beef is very juicy and extremely delicious. Piedmont Ranches is nestled in a lush valley in the northern Utah highlands, far from the noxious pollutants of modern cities. Up here the air is clean and the cattle enjoy a natural diet of mountain meadow grasses. What makes our beef different?

  • 100% Grass Fed from start to finish.
  • 100% Natural – Our feed is not treated with herbicides or pesticides.
  • Chemical Free – No growth stimulants, biological shots or chemicals of any kind are administered.
  • Piedmontese beef is easily digestible, naturally lean and tender.
  • Our beef is low in fat and cholesterol, and high in protein and other necessary vitamins and minerals found only in red meat.

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