Coveview Gardens

Gluten Free All Natural Non GMO Vegan Vegeterian

Cove View Gardens is located in the shadow of the Cove Mountain near Richfield, Utah. The Peterson family has built a state of the art hydroponic greenhouse for growing the freshest quality lettuce and herbs for you.

The hydroponic greenhouse assures the safest possible lettuce for your business or family. State certified well water eliminates possible ground or irrigation water bacteria from entering the growing system.

Cove View Gardens is preservative and pesticide free. Beneficials, like ladybugs, are used to take care of any unwanted pests in our greenhouse.

We deliver living lettuce to stores and restaurants with the roots attached. That means the plants are still living. Take them home from the store and place them at room temperature in water and they will continue to live for weeks. The nutritional value of a five minute old salad is many times greater then a salad made from five day old lettuce shipped in from some unknown location or country.

Enjoy your next salad knowing you have chosen the freshest most nutritious lettuce possible for you family.

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