Gluten Free Organic Vegan Vegeterian All Natural

Bittersweet is a sweet and refreshing fruit stand that is not-so-average. We use fresh locally sourced fruit, our house-made infused organic cane sugar & our unique house-made bitters; we combine all of these and add a bit of fire to it. We like to call this brûléed fruit. 

In addition to being a fruit stand, offering unique brûléed fruit desserts such as “King Remus” featuring local Utah cherries, vanilla sugar, charred cedar & current bitters, we are also delighted to be Utah's first and only bitters company. We specialize in delightfully flavored bitters using organic ingredients and source items locally whenever possible. We like to keep it simple and small - this means we don't add any dyes, artificial flavorings or chemicals - just real herbs, spices, barks and roots, alcohol and filtered water, all hand-crafted in small batches. Simple, classic and delicious.  

You can find us summer 2014 at the Downtown SLC Farmers Market or Wheeler Farm Farmers Market - we are also available to cater your special event. Contact us today!

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