Beans & Brews Coffee House

Beans & Brews Coffee House was established in 1993 by the Laramie family in Salt Lake City, Utah. Our focus from our inception has been an unwavering commitment to the principles of Quality, Freshness, and Integrity.  

We offer an extensive menu of gourmet coffee beverages, espresso drinks, smoothies, lemonade and more. Click here for our full menu. We also serve delicious pastries and treats, and many of our locations offer a selection of hot sandwiches and other food items.

We are the original home of High Altitude Roasting™. We roast our coffee at a high altitude in the Mountain Valley of the Wasatch Front, which gives us a significant advantage over our competitors. You will taste the difference in Beans & Brews coffee, the smooth intensity of our coffees is unmatched from coffees roasted at lower altitudes. We offer a wide variety of coffee beans, including our signature blends, single origin coffee, certified organic and Fair Trade™ coffee, decaf coffee, and single serve coffee cups.

We look forward to serving you because really... it’s not about us, it’s about you, our Guest, and your enjoyment of the products, service and atmosphere that we offer.

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