Gluten Free Vegan All Natural

All natural gourmet caramels in 15 amazing varieties including three dairy free vegan varieties.

We’re serious about our artisan caramel. Our small batch, hand crafted caramel is slow cooked in copper kettles.  Made with 100% natural ingredients and gluten free, AvenueSweets line boasts 15 caramel varieties including three dairy-free vegan varieties. Available in vibrant 5.2 oz. packages and in bulk. Whether it’s sea salt, chardonnay, chocolate, butterscotch marshmallow, pecan or any of our other amazing varieties - AvenueSweets is your #1 choice for caramel.

Elevating brittle to a whole new level with plenty of fresh, sweet cream butter, pure sugar and loads of top quality roasted nuts slow cooked to perfection. Our brittle is 100% natural and available in 7oz. boxes in four amazing varieties - classic peanut, pecan, beer and blazing.