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There’s no better way to say “I love you” than with food or flowers. Finding your significant other something special can be hard year after year. But whether you and your love have been together since the dawn of time or you’re about to celebrate your first Valentine’s Day together, local business owners across Utah are here to help you make this day special for you both.

That’s why we did most of the work for you! We searched for specific types of gifts you could find right around the corner.

New Idea:


If you’re looking for a new idea this year,  try using the oldest trick in the book  language of love: Old French - Amour.

So, if you’re the kind of person that can pull it off, give your valentine some Amour Spreads: amazing artisan, handmade jams and marmalades. They taste spectacular and are a great low-calorie substitute for cake, chocolate or candy. The Lover’s Gift Set (one jam and one marmalade) will cost you $25.

Or if you are looking to go the extra mile and schedule a morning date to browse the Salt Lake Winter Farmers Market - and meet the owners’ of Amour. They can share with you some great stories - plus you can buy some “love” together.

Candy, Cookies & Cakes:

valentine heart cookies by smart cookies

Smart Cookie Co.


Mini's Cupcakes


Cakes De Fleur

Make your Valentine overflow with affection when you present her with nothing but the best. Sweet’s Candy Company can provide you with a gateway to happiness when you give her a box of delicious raspberry or cherry sticks covered in chocolate. If your sweetheart is not a chocolate person, try the taffy or candy options. You can find some fairly good options for less than $5.

Give someone your heart by sharing some Smart Cookie Co. heart shaped sugar cookies. Not only are they delectable, they are nice to look at too - So nice,  that our cookie model for our web header came from these amazing bakers! You can visit the bakery for a single cookie for $2, grab a four-pack for a date ($7) or order a dozen for the whole family ($18). They have a location in American Fork and Fort Union.

Looking for a different flavor of cookie? - Try  giving your crush a favorite holiday flavor: Gingerbread. Summer Pugh, from The Gingerbread Cottage, creates beautiful specialty cookies, starting at $2.95 (ea). Make sure to order EARLY. These delicate designs require time, so be prepared.

Looking to give your Valentine a little more than just cookies and candy? Give Cakes de Fleur a call and they can create a perfect Valentine’s speciality cake that not only looks good, but tastes good as well! You order a small 6” round cake for $12.99 or add a special message and decorations for $14.99.

Is cake too much? Mini’s Cupcakes focus on making their specialty cupcakes ($2.25 ea) delicious and appealing. Or, if you have some extra time, take your sweetheart out for a yummy locally made boxed-lunch for $8.25.  Warning: beware a very happy Valentine and all her overly jealous friends when they see what you got her.



Sometimes, it’s just nice to be classic and order her a lovely arrangement of flowers. Go the extra mile, skip the cheap bouquet from the grocery store, and use Native Flower Co. They will be your best friend in the flower industry with their many options (including delivery) starting as low as $45 plus delivery.

We encourage you to seek out your "Main Street" local florist as well. They always seem to provide that extra special touch to make your sweetheart fall all over again. 

Hospitality & Dining Options:


Not only do you need to worry about a gift, but she might be expecting you to take her out to a romantic dinner. So here are some classy restaurants she will love!

Communal is a proud sponsor to local vendors and they seek to serve produce from Utah farms. When you enter the restaurant, the rustic yet modern feel will create a meal to remember. You’ll feel good spending intimate time with your loved one while supporting local businesses.  Communal is offering a  Valentine’s Menu for $50 ea - so make your reservation soon.

A modern restaurant for the modern couple. Share an elegant dinner together at Pago in Salt Lake City by sharing a bottle of wine and a delicious dinner made from local food distributors. Pago fills up fast, check out their Valentine’s Special, and reserve your spot for a dinner ($70 ea) or wine pairing ($35 ea)  soon.

Perhaps your looking for a burger place or something a little more economical. Try searching our Dining Listing for some ideas.

Maybe you had a weekend long trip in mind, just to make the holiday extra special! In that case, the Blue Boar Inn in Midway, Utah allows you to escape your worries and focus on each other as you enjoy fine dining and many fun activities you could share together. Soak up a little landscape before returning to the regular hustle and bustle of life. Rooms start at $225, or enjoy their dinner menu for $25-$35 (ea).

While not an exclusive list, we hope our ideas can serve as a springboard to a great day full of love and happiness.

Here's some additional companies to browse for chocolate, cookies, candy and more! Or search on your own using the search bar above!

Happy Valentine’s Day from the Utah’s Own Team!

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