Buy from the "Natives" this Valentine's Day - A Utah Florist Story

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During holidays or special occasion, like Valentine’s Day, we often search for beautiful flowers to express how much we love someone. Yet, too often we breeze past Main Street and forget to show our love to our community - opting instead for convenience or economy.

Yet, hidden in all communities, you’ll find charming small businesses that add a bit of zest and quality to your gift. This week, Utah’s Own wanted to feature a florist, Native Flower - in hopes that our story might remind you of the importance to keep it here at home this year, for the "Natives" and share some of your love for your local business community.

By the end of the interview, she had made a stunning yellow rose and tulip piece as if it were second nature to her. The benefit of her flowers is the quality and freshness you get.

Native flower logo

From bouquets to a simple corsage, Native Flower Company can do it all. They are a local flower shop and known for their extravagant and elegant flower arrangements and specialize in making their customers a custom-made art piece for any kind of occasion.

They pride themselves on their excellent customer service and always strive to make their clients happy. Their flowers come from local flower vendors (when in season) as well as international businesses that range from Holland to Thailand.

Since the Beginning

Native Flower Company currently resides in Sugar House. It began as TriFecTa Design and after a change in the ownership was changed to Native Flower Company and owned and run by Pamela Olsen. They have been at the current location for the past three years and the neighbors are thrilled to have them.

“I guess there used to be a flower shop here before, years ago. So we brought it back,” said Olson.

Native Flower Company has that “little shop on the corner” feel, but as you walk in you feel delighted by the wonderful smell of their beautiful flowers.

The Owner

pamela from native flower company

Olson began her career in the flower industry as a co-owner of TriFecTa Design, Inc. She then decided to alter her design perspective and start a new company on her own. Olson’s new company has a modern touch and creates new designs daily.

“Our specialty would be a wild look with a bit of a modern twist to it. Everything is custom per order,” said Olsen. “A lot of shops will have them pre-made where you can grab and go and that’s handy and fine but since we’re a small shop I can’t afford to keep everything in stock. But you can place an order for later in the day and pick them up or we can design on the spot in about 10-15 min.”

The benefit of her flowers is the quality and freshness you get. By the end of the interview, she had made a stunning yellow rose and tulip piece as if it were second nature to her. The benefit of her flowers is the quality and freshness you get.

A lovely gift for your Valentine

arrangement from native flower

What is so unique about Native Flower Company is the many different designs they create. Olson works hard to stay current and to always make her customers happy.

“I’m inspired by the flowers themselves and just what I find at the market everyday. And then I try to keep up with new trends and flowers and designs. The flower styles I did ten years ago have totally changed from what I do now,” said Olson.

Each piece they make in the shop is unique in it’s own because they don’t have a set guide on how to make each one. Around Valentine’s Day they create a set of schemes they can pick from with a price range. Mainly to help out them men!

Prices for the arrangements range from smaller bouquets that are about $5 to $20 or larger pieces that average around $65 or higher.


flowers of native flower company

This being the busiest time of the year for the flower industry, Native Flower Company still makes every piece by hand and right in the shop.

“I use a variety of local wholesalers; three of four,” said Olsen. “There’s one local farmer in Ogden, his company is called Happy Trowels. He’s sells to florists from late February to October. And he has great stuff and it’s great for the customer because it’s as fresh as you can get.”

Not only do they supply customers with beautiful arrangements for special holidays, but also for local events.

“So we do huge, oversized arrangements for events. We’re a full service event florist, so we do stage pieces,” said Olsen. “We just did big stage pieces and event flowers for Chief Justice Sonia Sotomayor when she was here visiting. So we do anything that’s requested, basically.”

For specialty items, she ships her flowers in from all over the world to create a wide variety of designs for any type of event but still loves to use local flowers to help support local businesses and to provide fresh designs for her customers.

For more information on Native Flower Company, view their profile here, or visit their website here. Their business hours are from 10am to 4pm. To place an order, please call.

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