A Utah Easter: Spring Products and Gifts to Brighten Your Weekend

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Easter is a holiday that is full of traditions such as dying Easter eggs, Easter egg hunts, goodies in Easter baskets, and large meals with family and friends. With all of the planning that goes into this holiday, we wanted to help you find good local products and provide you with new ideas to make your Easter weekend special.

The Staple:

logo for oakdell eggs

Easter egg dying is a classic holiday activity. With all of the bright colors and designs, this holiday tradition is sure to put a smile on the kid’s faces. Not to mention it provides them with a bargaining chip with the Easter Bunny but where does one get such a slew of eggs? For less than $5, we recommend buying Oakdell Eggs from your local grocery store. Oakdell has been providing quality products to Utah consumers since 1905 and will provide a great product for your family activity. 

The Treats:

kencraft easter bubblegum

Goodies for the kids Easter Baskets are a must, so why not support local candy and treat makers in the process? These decorative candies made by KenCraft Handmade Confections in American Fork, are as tasty as they are adorable! They make special decorative sugar eggs, lollipops, and much more that range from $10 and up! Orders can be made on their website or visit their store.

mints from fernwood candy

Chocolate is always sure to make the kids happy and we are loving on Fernwood Candy this year! Though they are known best for their chocolate mint sandwiches, Fernwood has a large variety of delicious chocolate and other candies. Order a single item or create your own decorative basket of your favorite treats, either way you and your family are sure to be pleased when you indulge in the deliciousness! Fernwood Candy also creates specialty Easter items that cost from $3 to $10. Check them out here or visit their store to place an order.

If you’re looking for something a little more gourmet for that special someone, check out Chocolot’s adorable chocolate bunnies and eggs (check them out on facebook). They come in a box of three, and cost $12. You can order from Chocolot directly, or find them at a local retailer.

Try Something New:


Here at Utah’s Own we say that gingerbread cookies are not only for Christmas time. The Gingerbread Cottage makes these delectable Easter gingerbread cookies that would be perfect for your family’s Easter get-together or for a special treat inside your kids Easter baskets.  So go ahead and spoil yourself this holiday with a gingerbread treat from the Gingerbread Cottage! Currently, The Gingerbread Cottage is taking orders for their Easter Bunny and Egg cookies that retail for about $36.97 for a dozen or a platter that includes both designs.

lick'd pops

Gourmet popsicles aren’t often thought of when it comes to Easter in Utah, mostly because the weather is so unpredictable, but this Easter is looking to be sunny and warm so enjoy the weather by trying this awesome product! Lick’d makes healthy gourmet popsicles that come in uncommon flavors such as Avocado Pistachio, Plum Basil, and Honey Grapefruit. We recommend trying these mouthwatering frozen treats to add a spark to the usual Easter goodies and to ease the pain from all of the other guilty pleasures we all enjoy on Easter!

Utah’s Own wants to wish everyone a happy and safe holiday weekend and we hope that you enjoy trying these fabulous Utah products.

Writing and Photos by: Bailee Woolstenhulme, Utah's Own Intern

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